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Oakland Republic Uprock - Black & White

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Kulcha Coloring Works Inc.

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Emeryville, CA 94608

United States


Product Design

To lead in fashion consciousness, and media services focused on designing products and services with outstanding quality and inherent consumer value.

Process Design

To determine and contract the best production process facilities that will be compatible with low-cost product, high quality, and a good quality of work life at economical cost.

Human Resources

To produce a good quality of work life with well-designed, rewarding jobs, stable employment, and equitable pay, in exchange for outstanding individual contribution from employees at all levels.

Location Selection

To locate facilities that are efficient and economical that will yield high value to the company, its employees, and the community.


To achieve low investment in inventory consistent with high customer service level and facility utilization.


To achieve highly consistent output levels of goods and services with timely customer delivery through effective scheduling

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